P5/6 Christmas Party

We had a fantastic time yesterday morning at the Primary 5 and 6 Christmas Party. We showcased our Scottish Dancing, played some fantastic games, and snacked on lots of amazing food.

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DSC00489 DSC00490 DSC00491

DSC00492 DSC00493 DSC00494

Thank you to all of the parents/carers for their food donations for the party!

P4/5 Pupil Achievements!

Two pupils were awarded Pupil of the Month Awards for November in our class. Mairead received her certificate for supporting and encouraging others and for being a star dancer in our Talent Show. Ivan‘s award was for always having a go at things and for his musical and acting performances in the Talent Show. Well done to both Mairead & Ivan.

Sam I won Gold in a local Judo competition and Sam V came third!

Ivan took part in a cycling competition at Inshes Park last weekend. Ivan came third in his race and received a medal  which he is proudly wearing in this photograph. Well done, Ivan!

St Andrew’s Talent Show Success!

The audience loved our Talent Show! We are delighted! On Thursday, 28th November we were so excited and slightly nervous about our show but it went really well and we are very proud of ourselves! We sold lots of cards and have made a profit of nearly £160 to date and we still have a few cards to sell.

Here are a few photographs to remember how smart we looked in our tartan bits and pieces. A huge thank you to everyone who supported our show, baked shortbread for the guests and bought our beautiful cards!