Healthy Living and a Happy Smile!

Our topic this term is Healthy Living and a Happy Smile. We have been discussing all the things we would like to find out about such as – What do we need to keep healthy?ย  Why are some foods unhealthy?ย  What are our emotions?

We have the Community Champion from ASDA coming in to discuss healthy food and maybe let us taste some different ย fruits and vegetables.

We are also planning a trip to ASDA to have a look at all the foodstuffs and will even see parts of the store where customers are not usually allowed to go. Further details to follow!

We are looking for someone to come in and speak to us about how our bodies work and also a visitor to tell us all about exercise. If you are able to help out then please let P2OM know.ย  Thank you

4 thoughts on “Healthy Living and a Happy Smile!”

  1. Your topic sounds brilliant P2! It’s exciting you’re planning a trip to Asda. Here’s to a healthy first term!


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