Term 4 – Our exciting new Topic!

This term we have an exciting new topic and will hopefully be finding out the answers to all these questions!

If you have anything to help us answer these questions the please let P2 know. Thank you!

What types of animals, birds and insects do you find in woodlands?

How do woodland birds and animals find and eat their food?

Which animals are prey for others? Where did forests come from?

How do animals and plants depend on each other for food?

What effect does a habitat have on the wildlife that lives there?

What is conservation and why is it important?

2 thoughts on “Term 4 – Our exciting new Topic!”

  1. Sounds very interesting P2M! I think you will enjoy this topic. My mum has just discovered she has two red squirrels in her garden in Oban!

    Miss Shimmield

  2. Sounds like a great project P2. Primary 6/7 are doing a topic which is looking at plants and wildlife too.


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