Social media: Friend or Foe

One of the greatest problems for teachers in today’s society is undoubtedly social media. Although social media can be a great way of interacting with others and sharing great memories with friends and family, it also has a dark side when it comes to our profession. Today, everyone is using some form of social media, even Primary School children are using the likes of Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. One ¬†of the worries with this is that they are able to find teachers’ profiles and look through personal photos, information or even contact them through social media. It is therefore vital that teachers’ remove any inappropriate information from their profile, change their account to private or even create a new profile when it comes to their personal lives.

I feel that therefore being a teacher means your life is very much restricted at times. You can’t be seen “having too much fun” on a night out with friends. You have to read over and change what you write at times, in case it comes across as inappropriate and offends other people. Yes, I understand that when applying to become a Primary School teacher, I was very much made aware of this. I believe that we must be especially careful of what we say on social media and what photos and information are shared. However, I disagree that we should have to live some sort of secret social media life so nobody can find us. I find this completely and utterly ridiculous and believe that something has to be addressed to change this perception.


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