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When on my work experience in January 2014, I spent two days working in Clifton, a Special Needs School in Northern Ireland. Two days is a remarkably short time, however the experience and memories I received will last a lifetime. The whole experience taught me to appreciate everyday life. Many of these children have severe learning difficulties and will never have the freedom of being able to do things for themselves. As a result of this experience I decided to volunteer for Positive Futures, a charitable organisation that integrates sports with children with disabilities. As a result I have met many amazing people and have made even more great memories. Before I left for university, we went on a day trip to Portrush with the boys’ group, consisting of 15 boys ranging from ages 10-18. We went to the amusements and ended the day with a chippy by the sea. Watching them having so much fun, laughing and smiling proved to me that teaching was 100% the vocation for me. I learnt from the whole experience that what makes teaching great, is the feeling you get from helping others. From working in Clifton and for Positive Futures as a volunteer I am deeply interested in specialising in Special Needs. Seeing those children, whose lives are very much limited enjoying themselves and having a good life is very rewarding and very much a profession I would love to be involved in.

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