How gender affected me as a child…

Growing up as a child and throughout my time at primary school it was obvious that there were cases of gender stereotyping. First of all every teacher in my primary school apart from the Principal was female therefore as a boy I felt very much second best at times. I feel that the teacher cared for the girls much more than they did for the boys. This included hugs at the end of school, holding hands during break and lunch and chats about “girl stuff”. As a result I feel that during class girls received much more attention than boys, which does not add up to this concept of equality that is taught at school. From my own experience I feel that this very much has to change. I believe that there needs to be an increase in male primary school teachers and people need to get out of their heads that primary teaching is a job solely for women. From my volunteering last year at my old Primary School it was still apparent that girls receive much more attention than the boys. For the short time I was there every week the boys were firing questions at me such as “what football team do you support” proving the lack of attention they are receiving in class. I felt that the boys were genuinely excited to see me and as a result indicated further that I wanted to pursue teaching as a vocation. I also feel that at primary school there is an idea that it is acceptable to shout at boys and punish them for doing something wrong. However when you replace the boy with a girl a lighter approach seems to be taken. This is another issue I feel needs to be addressed.

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