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WordPress update July 2016

The recent Glow Blogs release incorporated a new version of WordPress, this add features from both WordPress 4.4 and 4.5 to Glow blogs some of the highlights are listed below, taken from Version 4.4 « WordPress Codex and Version 4.5 « WordPress Codex Features from 4.4 Responsive images: WordPress now takes a smarter approach to […]

Glow Blogs July 2016 Release

The Next Release of Glow Blogs took place on Tuesday 19th of July.   It consisted of: Removal of 4 Woo themes. Upgrading of WordPress to 4.5 Events Plugin, this will allow the creation of ‘events’ in addition to posts and pages and have calendar views of these events. See Event Organiser — WordPress Plugins. Addition of […]

Glow Blogs July 2016 Release Update – Themes

The development of the July release is going well. In May we posted about the complete removal of 4 Woo themes. At that point I emailed a list of  blogs using the Spectrum theme to Key Contacts. The Spectrum theme is the only one of the 4 themes that is much used. We are now set […]

Twitter Widgets Changes

Twitter has changed the way it provides widgets. In the past you could add a timeline of your tweets by creating a widget on twitter and using the id of that widget in the Twitter Timeline (Jetpack) widget. Most widgets for twitter embeds no longer have ids. more information: WordPress › Support » Twitter no […]

Infinity scroll Jetpack module problem

The infinity scroll jetpack module is currently not working. The blogs development team are aware of the problem and investigating a fix. There is no timescale for a fix currently and we recommend turning the module off.

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Graphic Novels in the Classroom

This is a guest post by Metaphrog (John Chalmers and Sandra Marrs), creators of the award-nominated Louis graphic novels and The Red Shoes and Other Tales. Metaphrog, alongside Dave Hook from Stanley Odd, were the lead artists on Graphic Lyrics, our Booked! project with Shawlands Academy, Glasgow.   A post from Edinburgh International Book Festival Learning | Learning […]

Screen Options: Customising the Post Screen

The Screen Options on the WordPress Dashboard pages may help you simplify the post screen for younger pupils. It can also show some extra features on your blog. Here is a short screencast showing how these changes are made.

Featured Images

A feature of WordPress that not too many Glow Bloggers use at the moment is the Featured Image. Features images can be added to posts and will be used by the blogs theme, either to display on the post and or to provide navigation. for example in TwentyFourteen, the home page grid or slider is […]

Yammer Embed

To embed a Glow O365 yammer feed in a Glow Blog you just need to paste in the url to the feed. Visit the Glow Yammer Group you want to embed, copy the URL from the Address bar and paste it into the post or page editor. Visitors will only see the feed if they […]

Language packs

You can now set the language for the Dashboard for your blog. Settings-> General Scroll down to the Site Language choose a Language and save: Here is what the new post page looks like in Gaelic or Gàidhig And in Chinese: Note not all parts of the interface have translations, for example the Jetpack plugin […]