From a young age, I have always engaged myself with sport at school. In the way that many kids dreaded the day p.e. came around, I was quite the opposite! Yesterday, the p.e. workshop with Will reminded me of my inner child and the enjoyment that I used to feel at primary school. Having spent a few days of my work experience teaching primary children in schools how to play rugby, I was already confident in my ability to teach sport to children. However, I learnt yesterday how to make that particular sport, fun and engaging to those children that dread the day p.e. comes around. I believe that it is especially important to make this fun and enjoyable more than ever now that children have been required to spend at least two hours a week staying fit and healthy.

It is quite easy to make a simple warm up fun and enjoyable by giving the children a few simple instructions to remember while running frantically around the gym hall. For example, by signalling one finger the children would know to touch the ground with their left hand while running around. Two fingers would signal touching the ground with your right hand, while three fingers would signal a jump. An easy exercise like this not only gets their heart rate up but tests their mental ability to remember what number corresponds to what exercise. in this way p.e. becomes enjoyable to everyone, not just those who are involved with sporting teams.


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