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Virtues of a great teacher…

When considering the list of virtues that a great teacher should be associated with, the list is endless. Therefore I will delve into five of the most important attributes I believe every teacher should possess.


From my experience of school life, I always enjoyed classes where the teacher was caring and friendly. School can be a daunting place for children and therefore it is our job as future teachers to make the classroom a friendly and enjoyable place to learn. I want to be a teacher which the children are not scared or frightened to approach when they are struggling or have any problems.


Patience is a great virtue for every teacher to have. It is important to understand that as a teacher you will deal with children from all different walks of life. Therefore some children may not be as fast to grasp certain skills as the rest of the children. However, it is important that as a teacher, the child is not left in the corner to fend for itself and try to keep up. As teachers, it is our responsibility to give extra time and help where it is due so that the child is given the best education that is humanly possible.


Fairness is possibly the greatest attribute every teacher should possess. It is of great importance that every child experiences the same opportunities regardless of their background, race or religion. Every teacher should also make clear the importance of equality among other pupils. Every child is equal. Without this key attribute, the classroom is exposed to many serious problems, bullying undoubtedly one of them.


As a teacher it is vital to be respected by the children. If you do not have the respect of the children then it becomes very difficult to control the classroom. However at the same time, to be respected by the children you have to show them respect back. It is also important to respect other staff members and people who make up the school environment. Respect is the foundation of a relationship, therefore without respect it is near impossible to work together as a whole school community.


As a teacher it is vital to lay down moral standards in the classroom. Children view the teacher as a role model therefore it is important that these morals start from the teacher and are developed by the children throughout their school lives. This is of great importance to becoming a successful teacher.




An interest of mine…

When on my work experience in January 2014, I spent two days working in Clifton, a Special Needs School in Northern Ireland. Two days is a remarkably short time, however the experience and memories I received will last a lifetime. The whole experience taught me to appreciate everyday life. Many of these children have severe learning difficulties and will never have the freedom of being able to do things for themselves. As a result of this experience I decided to volunteer for Positive Futures, a charitable organisation that integrates sports with children with disabilities. As a result I have met many amazing people and have made even more great memories. Before I left for university, we went on a day trip to Portrush with the boys’ group, consisting of 15 boys ranging from ages 10-18. We went to the amusements and ended the day with a chippy by the sea. Watching them having so much fun, laughing and smiling proved to me that teaching was 100% the vocation for me. I learnt from the whole experience that what makes teaching great, is the feeling you get from helping others. From working in Clifton and for Positive Futures as a volunteer I am deeply interested in specialising in Special Needs. Seeing those children, whose lives are very much limited enjoying themselves and having a good life is very rewarding and very much a profession I would love to be involved in.

Social media: Friend or Foe

One of the greatest problems for teachers in today’s society is undoubtedly social media. Although social media can be a great way of interacting with others and sharing great memories with friends and family, it also has a dark side when it comes to our profession. Today, everyone is using some form of social media, even Primary School children are using the likes of Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. One ¬†of the worries with this is that they are able to find teachers’ profiles and look through personal photos, information or even contact them through social media. It is therefore vital that teachers’ remove any inappropriate information from their profile, change their account to private or even create a new profile when it comes to their personal lives.

I feel that therefore being a teacher means your life is very much restricted at times. You can’t be seen “having too much fun” on a night out with friends. You have to read over and change what you write at times, in case it comes across as inappropriate and offends other people. Yes, I understand that when applying to become a Primary School teacher, I was very much made aware of this. I believe that we must be especially careful of what we say on social media and what photos and information are shared. However, I disagree that we should have to live some sort of secret social media life so nobody can find us. I find this completely and utterly ridiculous and believe that something has to be addressed to change this perception.