Invent a Game! (Drama 1H)

Catching Fish!

As part of the Expressive Arts module we have to do a 30 hour project. As part of the drama section I have decided to invent a game. This game will be called Catching Fish!

How to Play

  • Players stand in a circle facing outwards with their eyes open
  • One player is chosen to be the fish this player will stand outside of the circle and one player is chosen to be the fisherman. The fisherman will stand in the centre of the circle with his eyes closed.
  • The fish will now have to weave their way around the circle.
  • When the tambourine sounds the fish will have to rejoin the circle.
  • The fisherman will now have the opportunity to ask for 3 clues about the fish.
  • In which case the fish will only be able to  answer yes or no, in a voice of their choice,along with an action which he will show to the rest of the group.
  • The whole group will copy this action for the fisherman to witness before he/she makes a guess on who the fish is.
  • This will be repeated 3 times.
  • If the fisherman does not guess correctly the fish will reveal themselves and then become the fisherman.
  • If the fisherman guesses correctly the fish will then be caught and will sit inside the circle next to the fisherman and the fisherman will try and catch a new fish.

Aim of the Game

To catch as many fish as the fisherman can.

Variations and Extensions

This game can be adapted to fit the class topic at the time. For example, if the topic was “The Rainforest”, it can be adapted to fit the rainforest foodchain…eg. the monkeys running around the circle hiding from the tigers.

How Many Players

30 (a class of pupils)

Age Group

 Middle to upper school

How long does it take to play

The game could go on until all fish have been caught. However, I think this is unrealistic as it would get boring and children would become uninterested.

Ideally I would give the game 10-15 minutes.

What skills does it develop

Spacial awareness- Children will have to be aware of the space around them as they weave around the circle.

Confidence- As children will have to participate as either the fish or the fisherman, this will allow them to develop their confidence as standing/acting alone infront of others. As well as this, children will develop their confidence as part of the group when they all do the action together.

Memory- The fisherman will develop their memory skills as they will have to memorise the clues the fish gives them in order to determine who the fish is to catch them.

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