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How Did Gender Affect You As A Child?

As the youngest daughter in my family I was always brought up with a love of the colour pink, Barbie dolls and Disney princesses. I was the typical girl with typical childhood fantasies of growing up living in fairytale castles are marrying a handsome prince. I would not say that I was affected by gender or that it played a huge part in my growing up, I guess my views were stereotypical in a sense, that I played with dolls and always seen myself as the mother role to them, but nothing in the way of my parents, or any other important role model for that matter, forcing these stereotypical views onto me.

However, at primary school it was different. We had assigned seats, boy girl boy girl formation, as well as a line up routine of girls before boys or again you had to find a partner of the opposite sex when either entering the building, an assembly or going on an excursion. Whereas at High school it was a lot less gender oriented. In high school, gender divisions were only noticeable in sports teams and Physical Education as the class would be split by gender from which the boys would play football and girls would do something more feminine like dance in the fear of them getting hurt. I find this wrong as I feel like girls should be able to decide this factor for themselves. Gender does not matter.

My Views on Education!

What is education?

In my opinion, Education is a learning experience from which people gain knowledge. Education can come in all forms, as we can learn essential information and life skills at anytime, anywhere.

What do you value about education?

Education is essential in life. Starting from birth, we learn to breathe, to walk, to talk, to crawl, how to treat other people, to remember our manners… but the real education process begins in the primary school.

Everything we do is a learning process, whether it is an easy task that we do in everyday life, to something more difficult. We always learn how to overcome whatever comes our way. Education is a hug e part of this and the reason why I value it.

What do you believe education to be for?

I believe education to be for us to learn how the world works. It’s a way in which we can better ourselves, and the environment around us, if we chose to let this happen. Education allows us to explore every aspect of life and can lead us to anywhere we want to go in life. Education is having a thirst for knowledge and the ambition to take your learning to the next level.

Life is a learning experience and education is an important part of this.