Tell a Dance Story (Dance 1-2H)

This task requires me to choose a nursery rhyme for which I will then devise a simple choreography to tell the story without using any words.

On first thought I felt that this task would be simple however, when looking into nursery rhymes in detail, in order to see the story, the task turned out to be a little bit more difficult.

My Chosen Nursery Rhyme

The nursery rhyme I have chosen is that of Jack and Jill.

My Simple Choreography to Tell the Story!

  • Hold hands in a crouched position in a line
  • Stand up slowly and sway from side to side
  • Release hands
  • Use right hand and circle it slowly backwards until it is outstretched in front of you
  • Lift left hand so it sits slightly under and to the left of the right hand
  • Turn right hand back and forth (from the 9 to the 3 of a clock face)
  • Lower the left hand as if it was heavy
  • Every 2nd person in the line drop the the ground to a sitting position (Jack)
  • Every 1st person  turn to the right hand side to look at person 2 sitting on the floor (Jill)
  • Every second person will lift their hands to the top of their head pointing vertically upward and pull them apart and slightly downwards
  • Every 1st person will do a rolling motion with their hands while lowering them selfs to floor to sit  in the line alongside their shoulder partners.

Repeat as many times as necessary…

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