Where Would We Be Without Maths?

Where would we be without maths?

Now that is a big question! Throughout the Discovering Mathematics elective my eyes have well and truly been opened to just how important maths is in society. At school maths was never my favourite subject but I understood it was important in the way I had to gain my qualifications to get into my prefered university course. Now its apparent that its more important that first thought!

Maths in Science

In science everything has to be  carefully calculated and measured to make sure everything is exact and precise.Biology, Chemistry and Physics all use maths in this way. Science is used by ALL DOCTORS, NURSES AND RESEARCHERS in medicine and drug discovery. Without maths in this context, different medicines and drugs may not be found. Therefore we may not have near the amount of cures for diseases and treatments for other medical conditions than we do with mathematics. As well as this if Doctors were not able to   measure medicines accurately no patients would be treated correctly and this could potentially be fatal like Micheal Jackson.



Photo Taken from Google Images – www.smh.com.au

Maths in Hairdressing

Chemistry is also apparent  in hairdressing as without chemistry hair would not get dyed. Hairdressers need to be trained with the right solutions to use and which ones to mix so that the client will be happy with the colour and to make sure that it is the colour that they asked for.imgres

Photo Taken from Google Images – www.lifesurebeauty.co.uk

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