Young people with additional support needs

Young people with speech, language and communication needs

A helpful infograph from our service that may be of particular interest to those caring for or working with young people with speech, language and communication needs:



We have also produced some videos with more information:


Our service has created some information around supporting the return to educational settings following the covid-19 pandemic. This includes transition supports for children and young people with speech, language and communication needs.

Supporting SLCN as children return to educational settings


Social stories

These are examples of social stories that may be helpful in supporting young people’s anxiety around changes in day to day life and social distancing. Social stories can be a useful of sharing information through providing a description of the events occurring around the topic and also giving a description of why they are happening :

Social Distancing Story

Managing Anxiety Story


ASN resources

This is a helpful collection of ASN resources compiled by South Ayrshire Psychological Service:

Education ASN_resources_coronavirus_ South Ayrshire