4 Duck, duck, goose

Where are ducks produced?

Virtually all of the duck meat-producing birds in the UK are kept in England.  There are some duck producers in Scotland, but these are local, smaller producers, which often raise ducks specifically for the Christmas market. Ducks can be raised indoors or outdoors. The best way of ensuring you buy a duck which has been raised well is to buy it direct from the farm.

What to look for


Get your duck direct from the farm gate if you can. If you can’t, look out for the Scottish or UK flag.  The Red Tractor logo is also worth looking out for.  This confirms that independent assessors have checked that the product has met certain food standards.  Find out more about Red Tractor standards here.

Is duck meat a healthy meat?

As duck produces a lot of fat when it cooks, you can use this to make stock which can be frozen and used throughout the year in soups and stews. Duck meat is high in fat, calories and cholesterol when compared to turkey, so should be reserved for special occasions.

The skin of the duck should be pierced before cooking and drain off the excess fat halfway through cooking.

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