10 Cranberry sauce?

Cranberries and Pomegranates

Where do they come from?

Cranberries grow on bushes in the Northern hemisphere, but they’re not grown in Scotland.  When first harvested, the berries are very tart and so they are used in sauces and juices where sugar is added. The majority of berries are harvested by flooding and the floating berries are collected up.

Pomegranates grow on trees and they like warmer climates. The seeds inside the pomegranate are surrounded by a red flesh and it is these little red jewels which are eaten.

Are they good for you?

Due to the very tart flavour of a raw cranberry, the sauce you get at Christmas time will contain a lot of sugar and has a similar nutritional make up to jam.  So, use in small quantities only, as an accompaniment. Pomegranates are a ‘super food’. They contain antioxidants as well as vitamins.

Although we don’t grow cranberries in Scotland we do grow other soft fruits. Find out more about the different roles involved in getting the fruit from the field to the consumer.

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