20 The perfect potato

Scotland has the ideal climate for growing potatoes. Potatoes grown for human consumption are called ‘ware’ potatoes. As well as growing ware potatoes, we also grow ‘seed’ potatoes. Scotland produces most of the seed potatoes for the UK potato industry and is a leading producer of seed potatoes for export to other countries. Potatoes are classified according to when they are harvested. The early potatoes come first, followed by the main crop and then the late potatoes.

Potatoes pack quite a nutritional punch. They are naturally fat-free, a source of fibre, potassium, salt free, low in sugar and naturally saturated-fat free.  What you do with the potatoes will determine the health benefits – baking is better than roasting but if you do roast them, limit the fat you use and keep the size of the potato pieces larger which means they absorb less fat.   Keeping the potato skins on, will boost your fibre intake.

Store your potatoes in the dark and keep them cool. This slows down the greening process and keeps the potatoes edible for longer.

Buying from Scottish producers means that you’re supporting Scottish farmers and saving Scottish jobs. You’re also doing your bit for the planet by buying food with fewer food miles.