13 Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree

Which trees are Christmas trees?

Putting up a tree is a sure sign that Christmas is on the way! There are a handful of Christmas tree growers in Scotland, who grow the type of conifer trees we want as Christmas trees.  These trees have to be the right height and shape, and good at holding on to their needles. These include species like Fraser Fir, Nordmann Fir and Norway Spruce.

Fresh trees, before they are cut, absorb carbon dioxide from the air and give out oxygen.  At the end of the festive season, make sure you take your tree to a shredding point where it will either be composted or used as woodchip/mulch.  If you have outdoor space to store it between Christmases, you can buy a living tree in a pot – and reuse it year after year!

What to look for

logo_-_twitterLook for the British Christmas Tree Growers Association logo. These growers are asked to comply with a code of practice so that trees are grown to the best environmental and sustainable practice.


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