7 Get stuffed!

What goes into stuffing?

The main ingredient in stuffing is wheat.  Scotland’s farmers produced 953,000 tonnes of wheat in 2016 and the south east of Scotland is the largest wheat producer.  In with the wheat breadcrumbs are other ingredients like bacon, onions, sage and apricots.

Is stuffing good for you?

The nutritional value of stuffing depends on the type of stuffing you make/buy. Some stuffings are high in fat, as the fat helps to bind the ingredients together. Others bind when you add water to a mix and they may be high in salt. Check the label or better still make your own.


If you buy a fresh stuffing, look out for the Specially Selected Pork logo.  The best way to guarantee the provenance of your ingredients is by making the stuffing yourself, so why not give it a go? Find out more about the Specially Selected Pork logo and what it means here.

If adding stuffing to your  turkey make sure you add extra cooking time as it will take longer.

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