9 Magical Mince Pies

Mincemeat is made from dried fruit like sultanas, raisins and currents which are mixed together with apples, ground almonds and sometimes suet.  Spices like cinnamon are also used to provide the seasonal flavour.

Mincemeat is high in sugar and fat (if suet is used) and combined with pastry mince pies should be a seasonal treat. If you make your own mincemeat, you can increase the fruit and reduce the added sugar, giving a slightly healthier alternative.


Do your bit for the planet and look out for organic mince pies produced in the UK.  The organic standard applies to all the ingredients unless they are listed as approved non-organic ingredients.  Look for the organic logos when you’re buying food – the most common in Scotland are Soil Association, EU ‘Green Leaf’, and Scottish Organic Producers Association (SOPA).  You can see a list of all the organic schemes here. If you fancy making your own mince pies, why not try sourcing organic ingredients to make them with?

Love food, save cash!

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