6 The holly and the ivy

What is holly?


Holly is part of the traditional greenery at Christmas time. Holly is a coniferous tree, so it keeps its leaves throughout the winter.  There are male and female holly trees and once the flowers are pollinated, only the female trees produce holly berries.  These berries are eaten by birds throughout the winter months.

What is ivy?

Ivy is found across Scotland and flowers till quite late in the year, providing a good source of nectar for late bees and butterflies. Ivy can grow across the ground, as well as up trees and provides good cover for a range of creatures, particularly as the weather becomes colder.

Keep your holly and ivy cool and it will last you over the festive season. Both holly and ivy are poisonous so keep this in mind if you have pets and/or young children.

Tree dressing

Take part in tree dressing!  This cross-cultural community celebration of the natural world could include storytelling, dance, music, hanging ribbons, shapes, shining lights – anything which draws attention to the trees we take for granted. It’s an enjoyable first step towards raising awareness of their importance and inspiring more people to take care of them.

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