BGE Geography

Geography is a field of science which explores people, place and the environment. Geography is the study of the natural environment and human interaction. Geography helps you to develop your understanding of the world we live in.

In S1, S2, and S3 Geography, pupils will learn about:


Coastal Environments: Understanding the features of the coast and how the land around can be used. Pupils will also learn key skills such as map skills which will aid progression in Geography.

Rich World vs. Poor World: Developing knowledge on how people live throughout the world. Pupils will expand their knowledge of the world and build their literacy skills by comparing two case studies.


Earth Forces: This course will focus on understanding natural disasters such as Volcanoes and Earthquakes. Pupils will understand how volcanos and earthquakes happen and be able to discuss the impact of these disasters. Literacy, Numeracy and Research skills are developed by understanding graphs and completing a news report on the Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami 2011.

Global Goals: This course will introduce the Sustainable Development Goals, where we will look at individual goals and the impact they have had in the world. We will take an in depth look at Goal 13: Climate Change and develop understanding of causes, impacts and strategies.


Extreme Weather: Pupils will begin this course understanding weather, which can be used to expand knowledge about extreme weather such as Hurricanes. Pupils will take part in a case study looking at Hurricane Katrina (2005). Pupils will be able to explain how hurricanes form as well discuss impacts of extreme weather.

Case Study: Kenya: This topic focuses on human geography and the urban environment within Kenya. Kenya is the 28th most populated country, and pupils will discuss key development areas such as poverty and inequality and how that affects the countries urban areas. Pupils will also focus on Kenya’s population and the consequences of their large population.

River Landscapes: During this topic pupils will learn about different river formations and they key processes involved in creating different shapes within a river. Pupil will also understand how land can be used surrounding a river, as well as looking at key issues such as flooding.