BGE Science

S1 and S2

In S1 and S2 Science, pupils will learn about:

  • S1 Living Things 1 – cells, microbes and disease, sex cells and reproduction.
  • S1 Light – reflection, refraction, dispersion, rainbows, electromagnetic spectrum
  • S1 States of Matter – solids, liquids, gases, particle theory, changing state, mixtures, dissolving
  • S1 Living Things 2 – tissues, organs, digestive system, breathing system, circulatory syste
  • S1 Electricity and Forces 1 – series circuits, circuit symbols, current, voltage, Morse code, contact forces, measuring force, mass and weight
  • S1 Elements, Compounds and Mixtures – periodic table, creating compounds, naming compounds
  • S2 The Environment – habitats, classification, sampling, biotic + abiotic factors
  • S2 Space and Sound – time zones, moon phases, seasons, solar system, sound waves, hearing sounds, human hearing
  • S2 Separating Mixtures and Chemical Reactions – evaporation, chromatography, distillation, chemical + physical reactions
  • S2 Inheritance – DNA, genes, genetic disease, DNA profiling
  • S2 Electricity and Forces 2 – Parallel circuits, current and voltage in parallel circuits, magnetic force, electrostatic + electromagnetic forces, friction, balanced forces
  • S2 Chemical Changes – reaction rates, catalysts, corrosion, properties of metals


In S3 Science, pupils will learn about (for more information on National courses see Senior Phase):

  • S3 Biology – contains National 4 Biology content
  • S3 Chemistry – contains National 4 Chemistry content
  • S3 Physics – contains National 4 Physics content
  • S3 Science – contains National 3/4 Science content

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