BGE Mathematics and Numeracy

Continuing their Primary learning, during the BGE phase students will continue to progress through our S1-3 courses which reflect the learning and pedagogy advised by Scotland’s Curriculum for Excellence and Dumfries and Galloway’s numeracy framework. As per Education Scotland guidelines most students are expected to complete 3rd level by the end of S3, for some this may be earlier or later.

Useful Resources to Support Learning at Home

Curriculum for Excellence Benchmarks for Assessment:

BBC Bitesize ‘Learn & Revise’ Mathematics and Numeracy:


S1-3 Students will complete fortnightly learning journals which encourage revision of their class learning in addition to reflecting on their progress. The journals also provided an opportunity for students to discuss their learning with their teacher on a regular basis.

During the alternating weeks students will complete activities set by the class teacher. These may be digital or written tasks. Support with homework or computer access is available every Thursday lunchtime in Hi-Tech (accessed via the school library).