Grade Scores & Progression

Year 1 

Working Together – B3

Values: Self, Society and Professions – C1

  • Too high of a reliance on web sources 
  • Confusion of tenses 
  • More analysis and critique required 
  • Good use of appropriate and relevant sources 

Pedagogical Studies – A4

  • Well structured and underpinned with relevant literature
  • Strong evidence of reading widely, continue with this 
  • Create more of a debate within the writing 
  • Use fewer direct quotations 
  • Add more detail to the introduction explaining what the essay will explore

Teaching Across the Curriculum – A3

  • Paraphrase more rather than using direct quotes
  • Good, thoughtful and realistic examples
  • Excellent use of knowledge and critique
  • Good use of a range of sources 

BSL – A4

Year 2 

Educational Studies: Historical – B1

  • Knowledge well demonstrated 
  • Well detailed essay about attribution theory
  • Use more references 

Languages -B2

  • Good examples of practice 
  • Good representation of knowledge
  • Use more sources, widen reading 
  • Consistently engage the reader


  • Good use of literature to provide a debate and to extinguish government bias
  • Impressive use of literature and style of writing 
  • Create more of a link between science and maths rather than discussing them as differences in one essay 

Educational Studies: Philosophical and Child Development – B3

  • Could have got more information in if I had only focused on 2 psychologists rather than 3
  • Say the sources used to ensure credibility in what is being said
  • A lot of information well put together 

Introductory Psychology – A5

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