Digital Leaders

We will be helping to drive forwards the ways in which we use technology to improve learning. We will also be helping the school to achieve the Digital Schools Award.

The school submitted our application in January 2020 and we hope to be validated in the near future. Here is our supporting statement: Statement

A record of our Digital Journey can be found below.

Cadder Digital Action Plan

Our Digital Strategy can be found below.

Digital Strategy

Family Engagement

We also want our parents/ carers to learn more about how they can help us to use technology to improve how and what we learn.

During our Parent/ Carer evening in March 2020, we communicated to our parent community in how we are using Digital Technologies and Computing Science at Cadder Primary School.  During Parent/ Carer appointments, we survey our opinions and thoughts of Parent/ Carers.  We have used MS Forms to do this and you can see the results of our survey here.

Our first digital newsletter – Digital Newsletter #1

Agenda – Digital Leaders #1

Agenda – Digital Leaders #2

Agenda – Digital Leaders #3