Health & Wellbeing

Our children’s health and wellbeing is of paramount importance and this area of the curriculum ‘underpins’ and provides a foundation for all other areas of learning.

In learning in this area, our children tackle a wide range of subjects such as personal health and safety, drug and alcohol abuse, road safety, anti-bullying and keeping healthy.  Partner agencies such as Emotion Works, Cycle Scotland and NSPCC are invited to school to help support the education of our children in this area.

Personal and Social Development

This area of the curriculum is concerned with educating our children to cope with life and its ever changing nature.  It is a vital area of learning and teaching and the work we do in this area not only helps our pupils deal with difficult situations, but also helps to create young, relaxed and confident learners.  We have a comprehensive and progressive programme in place, which focuses on developing skills such as independence, interdependence, self-awareness and self-confidence.

A range of strategies/opportunities for learning are used, including Circle Time and lessons draw upon useful resources including, for example, Emotion Works, SHRE and Ice Pack.

Our School Values are also a vital aspect of learning and a recurring theme across all areas:





As a school community, these values were agreed through a process of development involving our staff, pupils and parents. Our School Values are also a focus at a range of whole school events, including assemblies and our House System.

Physical Education

All pupils have a minimum of two hours of P.E. per week. Primary 1 to 7 have a range of opportunities to develop physical skills, encourage confidence and co-operation with others and to foster a positive attitude to health and fitness.  All of our children also take part in the ‘Daily Mile’ initiative, involving about 15 minutes of daily, continuous fast walking/ jogging/ running, depending on the developing capabilities of the individual.

Teachers draw upon the ‘Connections’ programme, including other aspects such as fitness.  This programme provides the children with the opportunity to develop specific and varied skills. In conjunction with our Active Schools partners, the school also offers a very wide range of extra-curricular activities such as Football, Netball, Code Club, Guitar Club, Navigation Club and Drama Club.  Better Movers Thinkers is also offered as an approach to promoting cognitive development with Physical Education.

Relationships, Sexual Health & Parenthood (RSHP

The RSHP curriculum has been in place for some years and is part of the Scotland’s Curriculum f or Excellence. It’s is designed to help protect children and young people from harm and supports them to understand that friendships and personal relationships should be healthy, happy and safe. For more details, please visit the RSHP webiste. These lessons will be delivered to all classes in term 4.

Early Level information for Parents and Carers

First Level information for Parents and Carers

Second Level information for Parents and Carers

Emotion Works

Emotion Works is an educational programme and an organisation that puts learning at the heart of emotional health and well-being.

The result is Emotion Works – a highly regarded and extremely practical set of resources and training for anyone involved in promoting and delivering emotional education in schools, nurseries and additional support services.

Emotion Works is ‘home grown’ in Scotland so is very well aligned to the Scottish Curriculum and related policies such as ‘Getting it Right for Every Child’ (GIRFEC) and the Scottish Attainment Challenge. There is a strong overlap with other agendas and initiatives concerned with learning and wellbeing such as the inclusion agenda and the ACEs awareness movement.

As an organisation, Emotion Works operates as a social enterprise with a growing reputation for providing high quality goods and services in cost-effective and creative ways. The community-building side of our work is something that is growing and evolving naturally as we meet and connect with others with an interest in working towards emotional education and wellbeing for all.