Who they are and what they do

Cadder Housing Association

Cadder Housing Association

Improving Homes & Lives of People in Cadder

We are committed to improving the quality of life and living conditions of our tenants and other local residents and the regeneration of Cadder.

-To provide excellent customer service to excel in attending to the needs and requirements of our tenants and other customers.

-To provide good quality affordable housing;

-To provide a high quality and responsive maintenance service to our tenants’ homes and the local environment;

-To provide a high quality factoring service to owner-occupiers;

-To drive forward the regeneration of Cadder to improve the quality of life and living conditions of Cadder’s people;

-To maximise funding to further improve Cadder and the quality of life and opportunities for our people.

-To make our Community Centre vibrant and viable through an array of activities, services and events.

-To promote and facilitate inter-agency co-operation as a means of meeting the housing, social and economic needs of the people of Cadder.


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