Vision, values and aims


To provide a first rate education, with well-qualified and well-motivated staff working together to ensure that every pupil in the school can achieve to the limit of his or her potential.
To tackle – with all the energy, optimism and resilience that it needs – the problems that children face because of social deprivation and poverty of expectation, and to hold fast to the principle that every child can and should achieve.
To present learning as a life-long process, the pursuit of which will both liberate and reward the individual learner and benefit society as a whole.
To provide a safe, caring and orderly environment in which to learn and to grow and which the promotion of positive behaviour is fundamental.
To provide, in both the formal and informal curriculum, a rich set of experiences which will encourage children to grow in maturity, responsibility and in self assurance as well as in knowledge and understanding.
To promote the values of responsible citizenship and social justice and to affirm that all people are of equal value and all are entitled to equality of opportunity and to appropriate respect for their dignity, irrespective of religion, race, gender or sexual orientation.
To make a reality of the principle that learning should be a partnership between the user and the provider and, in particular, to place real value on the views of pupils and parents.
To foster sound learning, to encourage enterprise and innovation and to promote the virtues of honesty, reliability and hard work.