How to enrol your child

In the first term, while the pupils are in Primary 7, the Head Teacher and other staff visit the associated primary schools to talk with the pupils and evening meetings with parents are also organised in the primary school.
The parents of pupils who are coming into our first year are invited to the school on an evening in June to meet the Head Teacher and senior staff.
There are also familiarisation days for Primary 7 pupils in June, when they visit Bellahouston to help prepare for the subsequent transfer. The primary pupils enjoy these days immensely and our staff look forward to making an early acquaintance with their future pupils.
Parents of pupils seeking to enrol in the school whether from a placing request or as incomers to the school’s catchment area should contact the school office* at the earliest opportunity to arrange a visit.
* Telephone 0141 582 0030   Fax 0141 582 0031