House teams

Bellahouston Academy pupils and staff are part of a House system. There are four Houses, each supported by a Depute Headteacher and a Pastoral Care teacher.  Siblings, as far as possible, will be placed in the same House meaning parents/carers have one point of contact throughout their six years in the school.

Pastoral Care teachers are your child’s main point of contact in the school if they are experiencing any issues. They are in regular contact with their year group through PSHE and Tutor Time.  Pastoral Care are regularly in touch with Parents/Carers to share good news stories, update on overall progress or to confront barriers to your child’s learning such as latecoming, absences, peer relationship difficulties etc.

Each Pastoral Care teacher is linked with a Depute Headteacher.  Should you wish to contact either Pastoral Care or the Depute Headteacher, please identify the relevant person below.  They can be reached through the school office : 0141 582 0030.

House Groups

Depute Head Teacher Principal Teacher Pastoral Care
Arran Mrs L Galloway Mr S Atha
Iona Mrs M Watt Ms L Kennedy
Mull Mrs J Cairns Mr M Ruiseil
Skye Mr M Macdonald Mrs S Rashid