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Traditional building skills

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As part of a Technologies visit to the Scottish Lime Centre, pupils had the opportunity for a “hands-on” day of training looking at traditional building skills.  All the pupils were given a taster of mixing a lime mortar, repairing/repairing a brick wall, lath and plaster, harling and painting a wall.

A huge ‘thank you’ to all of the staff at the Scottish Lime Centre who took the time to work with our pupils.

Enterprise Challenge winners

Congratulations to Eve and Peggy who were victorious – from a total of 68 S1 teams – in this year’s interdisciplinary Faculty of Technologies’ “Enterprise Challenge”.

The pupils’ design brief asked them to come up with a concept for a piece of “wearable” technology.  The finalists had their product, business case and website assessed by staff and peers.

Peggy and Eve’s product was called a ‘Snap ring’ – a ring which takes photographs.  The girls’ business case was compelling and it was evident that they had worked extremely well as a team.

The event showcased some truly inspirational designs.  Well done to all of S1.

Cash for kids

Congratulations to everyone who helped raised a whopping £131.15 for “Cash for kids” last week by making (Ms Common & Dr Parker) and buying the delicious cakes, and for participating in the Teacher events.

Special mentions for Keira Scott, Ruaridh Newton Sutherland and Charlie Tannock who sold many of the cakes and drummed a lot of business for the “Dash for kids” events.  A big ‘thank you’ to Mr Bakshi and Claire Heaton (Cash for kids) for supporting the event.

Well done to everyone!

CDT practical projects

All practical work must be collected from the school by the end of June.   After this date, any remaining projects will be recycled.

You can only collect work if you’ve paid the annual contribution for the subject – if you’re unsure, please check with your teacher.