Find support for technical issues or processes.

Who Do I Contact?

Not sure who to get in touch with when faced with a digital issue or challenge? This handy guide will help! Read more

Support for your school digital learning journey

When your school is looking to move forward in its digital learning journey, where do you start? You may be reflecting on where you are,… Read more

Microsoft Teams: using more than one account on the same device

Are you using Microsoft Teams with more than one account on the same device? If you are then you may find the following helpful: Read more

Apple Teacher: getting started

If you are using iPads in a classroom setting then you may find the free online Apple Teacher professional learning programme provides you with support for making more effective… Read more

Glow: steps for staff users moving establishment or authority

At the end of each school year you may be moving from one establishment to another, or from one local authority in Scotland to another.… Read more

Microsoft Teams: managing notifications

When you use Microsoft Teams you might find yourself getting overwhelmed with notifications from Teams to which to which you belong. Instead of deciding to… Read more

Microsoft: connectivity troubleshooting

Don’t panic – it happens with any online tool! Every online platform hiccups from time to time: you might get error messages, things don’t update,… Read more

Remote Learning: advice and reflections

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” This is a saying which is believed to have originated from a famous Chinese… Read more

Microsoft Teams: accessing on different devices

Find out how to Access Microsoft Teams on a range of different devices. Read more

Microsoft Teams: uploading assignments

Here’s how to upload your work to assignments for your teacher to see: Read more

Microsoft Teams: video meeting with your class

Microsoft Teams in Glow provides the facility for you as the teacher to present live to your class via video meet. This can be useful… Read more

Microsoft Teams: getting started

So you have just started using Microsoft Teams with your class – now what? Read more

Learning Materials: creating a teaching video

Looking to create a teaching video? If you wish to create a teaching video to share with your class then where do you start? Read more

Bitmoji Classrooms: how to

You’ve no doubt seen lots of teachers sharing their interactive virtual classroom images – a visually-friendly way to connect with your learners via an online… Read more

Microsoft Educator Centre: what is it?

Microsoft Educator Centre is a site which provides free on-demand personalised learning for teachers in exploring the use of digital technologies to support learning and teaching –… Read more

e-Portfolios: create and maintaining

What is an E-Portfolio? A digital portfolio or e-portfolio can take several forms, and have different purposes. Whether it’s a place to share a learning… Read more

Wikis: creating wikis for the classroom

What’s a Wiki? Probably the best known Wiki is Wikipedia, ranked in the top ten of all websites, attracting hundreds of millions of visitors a… Read more

Sharing Learning: public video sharing with school community

Want to share video of school activity with parents/carers and the wider community? It’s an often-made request from schools about how to best do that. Read more

Facebook: engaging with parents and wider community

Is your school considering the use of Facebook to support engagement with parents and the wider community? Read more

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