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Primary 1-3 Gàidhlig

P5-7 EM Archaeologists excavating……

P5-7 EM had a strange challenge to finish our Stone Age to Iron Age topic- turning to archeology, excavating Stone Age poop! Each pair were given two poops and had to excavate each and note what they found, they could also use the Dinolite microscopes to see close up on the laptop screen.   Once they had noted and counted what was in each poop they had to use this evidence to discuss and decide which was from the Palaeolithic period, when they were hunter gatherers and which was from the Neolithic period, when they had started farming!

Bronze Age discovery!!

  1. P5had a visit from Donald Macsween from Scalpay today, who told us about a Bronze Age torc he and his fishing partner brought up in their nets. They thought it was a piece of electrical cable and tossed it aside. One evening his fishing partner was watching the Antiques Roadshow and saw something similar- so they took it to Glasgow to have it valued. It turned out to be pure gold and worth a considerable amount. It is currently in the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh where you can see it! It’s thought to have come from the wreck of a Viking ship carrying a Norwegian Princess! We really appreciate Donald taking the time to come and tell us his amazing Bronze Age story!! Continue reading Bronze Age discovery!!

Stone Age to Iron Age art projects P-7E

Some of the excellent Stone Age to Iron Age art work done by P5-7E!

Here are some examples of the excellent art work produced by the pupils in P5-7E throughout our Stone Age to Iron Age topic.  We used a variety of different skills and techniques, clay to create stone age jewellery and stone arrow heads, oil pastels to create texture on our wooly mammoth observational drawings,  charcol and chalk to design our cave paintings, string and foam to create relief patterns on our bronze age beakers and axeheads and we worked in pairs to create 3D Iron age homes!!

P5-7E art work