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Scottish Opera P5-7EM

We had a real treat today when we had a visit from the Scottish Opera.  They came in a lorry which looked pretty standard from outside, however, once we stepped inside we were transported to the Opera Theatre in Glasgow, there was even a chandelier!  We watched and listened to an abridged version of HMS Pinofore and were glad that the narrator explained the story to us!  There was only a guitar and a cello,  but it was incredible how it sounded like an entire orchestra.  The singers had such an amazing talent, we were blown away!

P5-7EM Trip to Geocrab Hatchery for DYW topic

P5-7EM enjoyed an excellent, informative visit to the Scottish Seafarms hatchery at Geocrab today. Many thanks to Donald and Kenny for showing us round and taking the time to explain their roles. It really made the pupils consider the skills, qualities and school subjects which would be useful if they were to pursue one of the many career options in fish farming. A great addition to our Developing the Young Workforce topic!!

P5-7EM Developing Young Workforce topic – Buzz test

We have all taken the Buzz test.  Based on work by Carl Jung and Myers-Briggs, the Buzz quiz can prove a useful starting point when thinking about your career. As well as finding out what sort of jobs are popular with your personality type, the quiz can help you explore your temperament, learning styles, relationships and stress management.  There are sixteen possible results, and each personality type is associated with an animal. So why not take the quiz and find out today if you’re a seal or a seahorse?  We had 12 of the 16 represented in our class!

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