New Canteen Menu April 2021

Menu 2 Choice April 2021

Changes to the Nutritional Standards for Food and Drink in Schools and the new Nutritional Requirements for Food & Drink in Schools (Scotland) Regulations 2020 come into effect from 8 April 2021.
We therefore require our school menu to be compliant with the new regulations. To that end, the local authority has developed a compliant menu using a specific piece of software which analyses the menus to ensure they meet the nutritional standards required. Please find attached the Two Choice 4-week menu cycle which will commence with week 1 on 12 April 2021.

Please be aware of the following.
• Soup and Sandwich will be available every day.
• Due to Government guidelines, ham filling will only be available on 2 days of the week; Tuesday’s and Thursday’s. Sandwich filling available other days are Tuna Mayo, Egg Mayo and Cheese.
• No Baguettes or rolls are allowed.
• Two portions of vegetables MUST be served with main meal options.
• A serving of fruit MUST be served with dessert daily. Where fruit is highlighted in red on the menu, it must be taken with the dessert. The alternative is a piece of fruit, i.e., apple, orange, or banana.

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