Aig a’ chladach comhla ri Isi Oakley

Bha sinn aig a’ chladach comhla ri Isi Oakley a’ lorg rudan inntinneach. Bha lion, tuba agus glainne-mheudachaidh againn. Lorg sinn torr crubagan agus seileagan- mhara. Gu mi-fhortanach lorg sinn torr sgudal cuideachd. Bha botannan oirnn agus bha sinn a’ seasamh agus a’ coiseachd anns a’ mhuir.  Rinn sinn reis le na seileagan-mhara.

We went down to the shore with Isi Oakley to see what exciting things we could find. We each had a net, a tub and a magnifying glass. We found lots of crabs and sea snails, unfortunately, we also found lots of rubbish! We wore our wellies so that we could stand and walk in the sea. The sea snails we found had a race too.



Jeans for Genes 

Bha jeans oirnn anns a sgoil Dihaoine ‘s a chaidh airson latha Jeans for Genes. Dh’innis Mrs Brown dhuinn mu dheidhinn genes.

We all wore our jeans to school on Friday to raise awareness about the Genes for Jeans chairty.


Challenger Bus

The Challenger Bus came to the school last week. They told us all about Mary Slessor and her life in Africa.  We sang songs and played a  game.



Dh’ionnsaich sinn mu dheidhinn Mary Slessor anns a’ Challenger Bus. Bha sinn a seinn orain agus rinn sinn farpais-cheist.

Madainn fosgailte

Bha na parantan anns a sgoil madainn Diahoine. Bha na comataidhean ag innse dhaibh na rudan eadar-dhealacihte a tha iad a deanamh. As deidh sinn bha sinn a sealltainn dhaibh na rudan ur a tha againn anns a chlas agus anns a’ trannsa.

At the Open Morning the committes told the parents all about what they have been doing this term. We then showed the parents all the displays in our class and in the corridor.



Thug Lois a-steach peirceall siorc airson sealltainn dhuinn.

Lois brought in a real shark jaw to show us all.  We were amazed to see the rows of very sharp teeth!!


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