Shadow Puppet Theatre

This wek we completed our light and sound topic by using shadow creatively. We had to design shadow puppets which were recogniseable to tell a well known story. We then showed the class our shadow puppets. Every group was a success. We used our puppets to act out Humpty Dumpty, Goldielocks and the Three Bears, The Gingerbread Man and The Three Pigs.

Homework 4th November – Due Friday 8th November

* Check your homework diary for your mental maths task.

* Choose an activity from the spelling homework grid to help you learn your spelling words.

* Choose one task from the Victorian Homework Grid to complete and share with the class.

Victorians Homework Grid

Spelling Challenges Grid



Happy Halloween!

Very impressive pumpkin carving Magnus, Arnav and Alasdair! Well done! 🎃

LKP Elections

This afternoon we joined other P6 and P7 members of our houses to listen to the candidates for the Kirkhill Parliament. They had prepared speeches, explaining the qualities they had which would make them a great house captain and then we voted for the most persuasive candidate. All candidates for all houses were very confident and impressive. It was an exciting afternoon.


This week in numeracy we have been learning about volume. We investigated scales on different measuring jugs, we looked at the different units of measurement, we calculated the volumes shown by markings that didn’t have numbers and we read volumes using the scales.

We are now learning to convert l to ml. We do this by multiplying by 1000. It can be quite tricky when there are decimals involved. To mulitply by 1000 you move everything 3 places to the left, the decimal point stays still, so 0.025l would be 25ml.

by Mrs Horne, Emma and Rafay