Homework 16 March 2020, Due 20 march 2020

Spelling – Access https://www.spellingcity.com/users/MrsKHorne, select the correct lists use spellingcity’s games to help you learn your words. Each week you are also to learn five words that you have selected yourself with the spelling rule taught on Mondays. These will not be on spelling city. Instead, practise the rule making your words using active strategies (writing words on a partners back to guess, make with pasta or playdoh, rainbow writing, cheerleading the words etc…). You do not hand evidence of this in to school. It should be short, fun and engaging. You will complete a short dictation which uses words of a similar difficulty, though not the 5 specific words, which follow the spelling rule on Fridays.

**This week is week 16,  unstressed vowels**

Numeracy – Spheres – Problem Solving – Open Boxes (On paper or edit and respond online using seesaw) .

Cylinders – Algebra – Complete the given calculations, and create calculations to help you solve the word problems. (Write on sheet given in class, or edit and respond online using seesaw)

Cuboids – HLU 49 – Measure – Weight (Write on correct side of sheet given in class. Bring in on Thursday, even if incomplete!)

Pyramids – Money – See seesaw. Login with glow username (gw….. @glow.sch.uk). If it asks for a code contact me through Teams Chat.

Other – Following on from our Point of View and Purpose text last week, this week you should learn more about working in the kitchen. Help your family to prepare food safely, clean surfaces, hands and equipment, use kitchen utensils and devices as well as helping to cook this week.

****Check you have access to Seesaw at home. Respond to ‘Homework 1’ with a comment, photo or video over the week. ****

***Devices Day***

Thursday will be a devices day in P6a. Please bring your fully charged devices to class as we will be using these during literacy, French and technology lessons. When you remember on Wednesday, please remind your friends so they remember to charge devices on Wednesday night 👍.


Mrs Horne

World Book Day

We showed props and acted out events from our favourite non-fiction and fiction books. These included Jurassic World texts, Jacobite Rebellion stories, crime fiction, Scottish characters, football tales and  fantasy novels to name a few.



Blue sky for P.E.

Emma – It felt really good to be outside in the nice weather. We worked in teams and played passing games. My groups strategy was to stay as far away from the other team as possible to give plenty of space to pass and so that they couldn’t intercept.


Hot Seat

Hot Seating is when a character is questioned by the group about his or her background, behaviour and motivation. The method may be used for developing a role or further understanding of a character.

Magnus – We took turns to choose characters to put in the hot seat. We asked them questions and it was fun to see what people thought about different characters and why they were like that. I went in the hot seat as Auggie and I found it fun but I had to think of different answers.

Hot Seat

Homework Project Monday 23rd February, Due Friday 6th March

Two Week Research Project


Our class novel highlighted precepts, which are rules intended to regulate behaviour or thought. Today we have been writing our own positive precepts.

Our Assembly

P6a were simple wonderful today! They delivered an informative and interactive assembly to teach their families all about the Victorian Era and Transport. There was even a quiz at the end!

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