Road Safety Competition

I have attached below the information which you will also have received through the Friday Bundle. If you wish toi submit an entry for the competition you are welcome to work on this over the holidays. You will also have the opportunity to complete this as your homework task for the first week back. Any entries should be brought in on Friday 25th October 2019., with your name, age, class and school on the reverse.

Road Safety Competition 2019

Electric Circuits with Our New Additions

Today two visitors came in the morning and joined us while we were doing our science work. They were the new girls who will be joining our class in a few weeks. They joined in during science. We were testing the circuits we had looked at last week to see if our predictions were right or wrong. We realised quite quickly when we actually made the circuit that diagrams without the battery symbol wouldn’t have any power. We also saw that two bulbs with one battery are dimmer than one bulb would be. The girls are twins and they were both lovely. We were all very excited to meet them and were happy when they were able to stay at break time too!

by Ruqqiya and Mrs Horne

(Written 13/9/2019)

Math’s Week

This week is Math’s Week! We applied our numeracy and scientific skills when learning about light and shade. We went to the playground throughout Wednesday and drew a line to show the length and position of our shadows. We then measured the lines and the angles between each one. We sketched the movement of our shadows in class, again using a protractor to measure the angles. We then debated the reasons our shadows change in this way through the day.

Our Writing – The Best Day

On Wednesday, in writing, we were learning how to write a story using interesting openers and volcabuary. We walked around using our books and our imaginations, trying to think of different words or phrases to suit the titles on our group’s paper, and then moved to the next poster. We had lots of good ideas and used them to plan. Alexander E decided we should add using three interesting words in one of our descriptions to our success critereia. Next week we will be redrafting our stories and improving them using our success criteria and volcabuary pyramids.

By Emma and Safa

Electrical Circuits

This week we drew diagrams of how you would show an electrical circuit that Mrs Horne described. We had to know what components you needed for the circuits, where to put the components and we needed to use a ruler. We didn’t need to label the circuit because we used the correct symbols. Then we looked at diagrams and we had to say if they would work or not and why we thought they wouldn’t work. We will find out if our predictions were right next week when we make the circuits.

by Katie and Grace

Blog Photos

We hope to be able to share photos of P6a enjoying their learning during the year. Once GDPR photo permissions are returned, and responses collated, we will take turns to add these to the blog during our ICT lessons. Photos will be posted without pupil names attached. Mrs Horne will contact you, to confirm preferences if you have indicated you would not like photos online, over the next few weeks.

Thank you for your patience, and please keep checking for updates!

Meet the Teacher

Thanks to everyone who managed to drop by last night to ‘Meet the Teachers’. We realise with clubs and activities it is not always possible to attend events so below is the PowerPoint with information which was displayed through the night. We are looking forward to a productive year, watching each pupil mature, grow in confidence and develop their knowledge and skills.¬† There will be many more opportunities to enjoy a visit Kirkhill, over the course of P6.

Kirkhill Primary Meet the Teacher September 2019

We are in P6!

Over the last two weeks we have been looking at the All About Me topic in a different way. We decided to learn about ourselves and each other in maths. We measured our height, our stride, our head circumference and our arm span. When Mrs Horne said we were going to put our results into graphs Shravan asked if we could do a graph looking at height and age. We made a scatter plot to see if there was a trend. We thought height might increase with age but there was no link between the two. We also mader a graph using excel.

In art we looked in more detail at our shoes creating line drawings with pencils. We used shading to show the shape of the shoe and if it was darker in some bits.

I enjoyed P.E. outside this week. I learned about dribbling and demonstrated the skills we were learning. I also enjoyed science. We have been making electric circuits and will be looking more into how they work soon!

I enjoyed writing. It was part of All About Me. I wrote about my personality and my strongest subjects and the ones I need more help in.

Samantha and Alexander E