STEM Challenge

Today we took part in a STEM Challenge. We had to use the resurces available to make and race a balloon powered car.  Before constructing, we worked in groups to make a plan for the best possible design. We then worked together to construct the car. When testing the cars to see if they would travel, we had to make last minute changes. We had a few balloons popping too!

Well done to the winning group and runners up.



Science Fun Run

Today we took part in a Science Fun Run. The Sports Leaders put out obstacles and we had to answer some Science questions to move onto the next obstacle.

” I got really muddy because I fell over when running around the MUGA”- Jonathan

“We thought it was fun because we went through different obstacles”-  Ruqqiya and Dhanya

“It was hard, but I kept going!”- Katie  

Head Teacher’s Award

Well done to Alexander and Anna who both received a Head Teacher’s Award this morning at assembly.

Alexander has been focussing on using paragraphs within his writing and checking over his work to ensure that it makes sense. With this in mind, he wrote an amazing conclusion to ‘Stranded in the Jungle’ last Thursday.

Anna has worked hard at converting improper fractions to mixed numbers and vice versa. She is confident in doing this now.