Our Assembly

P6a were simple wonderful today! They delivered an informative and interactive assembly to teach their families all about the Victorian Era and Transport. There was even a quiz at the end!

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Homework Monday 3rd February, due Friday 14th February

Spelling – Access https://www.spellingcity.com/users/MrsKHorne, select the correct lists use spellingcity’s games to help you learn your words. Each week you are also to learn five words that you have selected yourself with the spelling rule taught on Mondays. These will not be on spelling city. Instead, practise the rule making your words using active strategies (writing words on a partners back to guess, make with pasta or playdoh, rainbow writing, cheerleading the words etc…). You do not hand evidence of this in to school. It should be short, fun and engaging. You will complete a short dictation which uses words of a similar difficulty, though not the 5 specific words, which follow the spelling rule on Fridays.

**This week is week 13, the rule is words ending in ‘l’ and ‘ll’**

Science and Numeracy –

Access East Renfrewshire’s Libraries Website and use the class login . When you first open the link select Children’s > School Children > Homework and this will allow you to open the link to the Britannica Library site which East Renfrewshire libraries pay to access. This allows you to open more information than on the Britannica website, and ensures your search is safer than on google.  You are also able to access ebooks and audiobooks through the Borrowbox link on the ERC Libraries website.


You are going to research one of the eight planets of our solar system. You have to display the information you find in an interesting and creative way.

You must include:

  • The name of the planet: Does its name have any meaning?
  • How the planet was discovered.
  • The planet’s distance from the sun. What size is the planet? Can you compare this to something else to help us imagine its size?
  • The length of the planet’s days and years.
  • The average temperature on the planet. Does it have seasons?
  • Which materials the planet is predominantly made from.
  • A description of the planets appearance, especially any interesting features.
  • Information about moons orbiting the planet. If there are any can you include some more information, for example: how many, when were they discovered, do they have names, are they similar to the planet they orbit?

Make your display as exciting and interactive as you can. You will present your findings to groups on Friday the 14th of February so DO NOT FORGET TO BRING YOUR DISPLAY WITH YOU. Have fun!

  • You can also include other information you discover! (e.g. How much does the average person weigh on the planet (find out about its gravitational pull)? Have we sent any probes, satellites or rovers to the planet?)




Family Photograph


Please bring in a printed photograph of your family by Wednesday the 5th of February. Some of these will be used in a wall display and not returned until the end of term. The rest will be used next week, and kept in jotters for future French work discussing our families and describing appearance and clothing.

Thank you!

Mrs Horne

Scotland Street School Trip

P6a enjoyed a fantastic step back in time on Tuesday. We visited Scotland Street Museum and took part in a school workshop*

Alexander B – We got to dress up when we got there. The boys had to wear a waistcoat and special collar which had ribbon that you tied in a bow.

Samantha – We had to wear a white dress. We had to tie it at the back.

Anna – It was frilly at the sleeves and had patterns on it.

Annie – It looked like an apron.

Dhanya – It was open at the back, but we had our uniforms underneath.

Calum – We had to line up. We put our right hand on the right shoulder of the person in front of us to get in a straight line and then we stepped back…

Alex – To make sure we were equally spaced out from each other.

Calum – So then the teacher came out of the class. Girls and boys were in separate lines and the teacher put us boy, girl and we were told where to sit.

Alasdair – In the line we had to line up smallest at the front and tallest at the back. It was a way to line up like in Victorian times.

Luca – The teacher was scary! She shouted a lot because she was acting like we were in the Victorian era. She said we were in 1884. It was written on the board.

Grace – We did a clock face for times tables and we started by chanting our timestables and we all had a turn of standing up and answering a multiplication question. She used the clock face to show us the question.

Katie – We did a mental maths test on a slate.

Adam – We used a special pen that could write on a slate.

Emma – Also when the teacher asked us a question we had to address her as Maam or we would have to stay standing. When we were writing the copperplate alphabet on paper we used a special pen and dipped it in ink.

Anna – She also threathened to use the belt and she whacked it on the back of Alex’s desk. It was scary and made a big noise!

Arnav – We had to sit with our feet flat on the floor, our spine at the back of our chair (Mrs Horne said that we should be sitting like this just now as it is good for our posture and concentration) and our arms crossed. Even if we moved a little bit she would shout at us,

Ruqqiya – We always had to sit facing the front.

Jonny – When we were doing the mental maths I had to stand up and so did others because we were smiling when she was giving me into trouble for not sitting properly.

Magnus – She showed us the punishments we might have got and I got to wear the dunces hat. It liked it because it was funny but I wouldn’t have liked it back then!

Safa – At the end she stopped acting and she asked if anyone had ink on our hands. We all put our hands up. She said she was very sorry as the ink was from last Friday and that ink would never come off. We were pretty scared as we had a lot of it on our hands but it was just a joke.

Maya – She then dressed like a janitor.

Annie – She showed us what they did at playtime.

Alexander E – The boys and the girls had separate areas for playtime.

We all enjoyed our day!


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This morning we worked our whole bodies during a very active P.E. session! We worked at different stations. There were 16 areas. We worked at them for a minute and then Mrs Horne blew the whistle and we moved on. Mrs Horne also chose partners that were working hard and they got to have a minute on the trampoline in the middle of the circuit.  For some stations one person worked for half the time and then Mrs Horne clapped and we swapped.

Annie liked the hula hoop as she is quite good at it so it is fun. Maya wasn’t keen on passing the football, which shocked a lot of the class. Alexander E really likes football so he loved that station. Samantha enjoyed Around the World, passing a weight around her legs in a figure of eight, and then round her body, as she likes lifting and is strong. Ruby found the press-ups really got her body working and made her warm. Hannah found the press-ups hard. Ethan said the shuttle-runs made his heart pound in his chest. Gavin said the star jumps made his heart race the most. Emma’s favourite minute was when she had a turn on the trampoline.

Katie enjoys circuits as she thinks it would keep her fit and healthy. Alasdair said it was fun as they got to do lots of different exercises at the one time. Emma said it was good because stations that worked you hard were mixed in with stretching circuits so you kept energy to keep going.

School Show Audition 2020

Lion King Auditions 2020

Homework 27.1.20 – due 31.1.20

Homework 27.1.20

  • Check your homework diary for mental maths activity
  • Choose an activity from the spelling grid to work on your word list
  • Research the language Mandarin. Can you find out how to say: numbers 1 – 10, “Hello” and “Goodbye”.
  • Spelling Challenges Grid

Tomorrow’s Inventors

We have been working in our Tomorrow’s Inventors groups, discussing the problems our family and friends encounter everyday and deciding which we are going to focus on when designing a solution. We’ll keep you posted!




Mrs Tees and Mr Tyler set up our Seesaw accounts today. Soon we will be able to use our devices to share our class work with home (once Mrs Tees figures out why Mrs Horne’s account has the wrong class attached, haha)

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