Mrs Tees and Mr Tyler set up our Seesaw accounts today. Soon we will be able to use our devices to share our class work with home (once Mrs Tees figures out why Mrs Horne’s account has the wrong class attached, haha)



Devices day is Friday this week.

Update – Auditions for School Show

Auditions will now be held in the week commencing Monday 3rd February 2020, not this Thursday or Friday as previously planned. This is to give everyone a fair chance to look at the material in preparation for the auditions as this has not yet been made available.



Please could you bring in an empty playdoh or small tuperware tub on Wednesday. If you have extras please check on Teams Chat if these could be used by others in your class. Thank you!

***P6 PARTY***

On Wednesday it is also your stage party. You can wear your party clothes to school and should also bring a snack and drink to have during our party.

***P5 order***

We have discovered a stage portrait dishtowel from 2017-2018 which was ordered by someone who was absent at the end of term 4. No one in the class has claimed it, if you think this is yours please let us know and we will send this home next week.

Have a lovely weekend!

Technology Challenge

The Kirkhill Primary Technology House Challenge will be held next Friday (13th December). You have arranged your groups and discussed some ideas in class. You can use Teams to organise who is responsible for bringing in the resources you plan to use (junk modelling), but don’t give away any ideas!

 Primary 6 Technology Challenge

Design Brief:

The recent bad weather has damaged your chimney. You will need to build a new chimney and fireplace which Santa can fit down to deliver the presents.

Design Criteria:

The chimney must be half a metre tall.

The chimney must be free standing.

There must be enough room for Santa and his presents to fit down.


Pupil Groups

Remember to submit your preferences!

Tables Challenge

Today, in class, we talked about starting a class tables challenge in January. Then this afternoon, coincidentally, I received an email letting me know there is a Sumdog Tables Holiday Challenge.

It begins on the 20th of December and runs until the 9th of January. The winners will be the class with the most correct answers over the course of the challenge. Sumdog goodie bags will be awarded to the winning class and runners up!

In order to prepare for this, as accuracy is key, I have set up two mini-challenges, one over the next two days, and one next week, which you can try if you have time. This is completely optional, as is the Sumdog Challenge, however both would definitely help you to develop your speed and accuracy in preparation for our own class challenge!

To join the challenge log in to your Sumdog account. After you complete the warm up activity select the green button (x2, x3, x4, x5, x6, x7)  underneath the blue ‘Maths’ button. This will take you to the tables section. You will see that this week’s challenge is to complete 50 questions.

Good Luck!


If you are able, please bring your charged devices to school on Thursday.

If possible could you download the Teams app to your device if you were unable to access Teams this week before Thursday.

Thank you!

Reading to P2

This morning we read Fairy Stories we wrote with Mrs Jamieson to Mrs Wallace’s class. They really enjoyed our stories!