Dancing Raisins

By Jonny

Dancing raisins

In school today we did a experiment. We used 10 raisins 1 alka seltzer and water.  The water had a chemical reaction with the alka seltzer and created gas bubbles which were attracted to the raisins and floated up to the top then fell back down.

Dancing Raisins

­ Today we did an experiment when we added Alka-Seltzer to water and placed raisins as well.When the Alka-Seltzer dissolved it made a chemical reaction and then dropped the raisins as gas bubbles float around them and lifting them up to the top and dropping it back to the ground

Dancing Raisins

First we got a beaker and filled it with 200ml of water. Then we put in 1 Alka-Seltzer into it. Next we added 10 raisins and it started to fizz. The raisins sunk to the bottom and bubbles were attracted to the raisins. After that the gas bubbles lifted the raisins to the top of the beaker and then the gas evaporated into the atmosphere and the raisins fell to the bottom.

By Safa and Ruqqiya

Dancing Raisins

We first got a beaker then we added 200ml of water. Next we put 10 raisins into the water after that we dropped 1 Alka-seltzer. After that everything started to bubble. At first the raisins sunk to the bottom but then it floated up and down.


P6a’s BYOD day is this Thursday. Devices will be connected to the school WiFi in order to facilitate pupils using their devices to enhance lessons through the day. Any devices brought into school will not be used during break or lunch.

Homework 18.11.19, Due 22.11.19

* Check your homework diary for your mental maths task.

* Book Week Scotland – Kirkhill Challenge is to read each night and/or undertake extreme reading and share photos on twitter using the hashtags #extremereadingkps #bookweekscotland #bwskps Extreme reading is when children read in very unusual places.

* Choose one task from the Victorian Homework Grid to complete and share with the class.

Victorians Homework Grid

Odd Socks!

P6a rounded off anti-bullying week celebrating that everyone is unique, and the same, by participating in Odd Sock Day.

Homework 11th November – Due 15th November

Spelling – Access https://www.spellingcity.com/users/MrsKHorne, select the correct lists (week 7) use spellingcity’s games to help you learn your words. Each week you are also to learn five words that you have selected yourself with the spelling rule taught on Mondays. These will not be on spelling city. Instead practise the rule making your words using active strategies (writing words on a partners back to guess, make with pasta or play doh, rainbow writing, cheerleading the words etc…). You do not hand evidence of this in to school. It should be short, fun and engaging. You will complete a short dictation which uses words of a similar difficulty, though not the 5 specific words, which follow the spelling rule on Fridays.

Remember to check your dictation for corrections each week!

Numeracy – Sumdog Challenge – This week is the East Renfrewshire Sumdog Challenge. Participants answer as many questions as they can to obtain a score for accurate answers (out of 1000 as this is the maximum).

Accuracy is key! Good Luck!

If you were unable to complete your numeracy graph homework during Halloween Week this should be completed instead of Sumdog. You may chose to then compete in the Sumdog Challenge if you have time.

Other – As discussed in class, research either igneous, metamorphic or sedimentary rock formation. To share this information you can either create a flow chart, cartoon strip or poster with one labelled image. Keep it simple. We will work in groups in Friday’s science lesson to share how each type of rock is formed, and identify their features in rock samples and images.