Smoking in Cars legislation

From 5th of December 2016, a person smoking in a car which is carrying passengers under 18 years of age will be breaking the law. Offenders could face a £100 fixed penalty fine.

The Smoking Prohibition (Children in Motor Vehicles) (Scotland) Act 2016, creates a new criminal offence, committed by any adult (aged 18 or over), where that adult smokes in a private motor vehicle in the presence of a child (under 18years of age), while that vehicle is in a public place. The aim of the legislation is to protect children and young people from the harmful effects of exposure to second-hand smoke (SHS) in a confined space.

Exposure to second-hand smoke in cars involves higher concentrations of health-threatening chemicals than in larger, open areas. Even if the windows are opened or air conditioning is used, harmful particles can remain in the atmosphere long after the visible smoke has disappeared. The restriction of a vehicle also means individuals are unable to move away from the smoke.

We all have an obligation to protect children and young people from the risks to their life and health, caused by the exposure to second hand smoke and ensure that every child in Scotland has the best start in life. Growing up in a smoke-free environment is an important part of that.

The Scottish Government hope that the introduction of this legislation will help their drive to cut the number of children exposed to second-hand smoke to 6 per cent by 2020. This is a momentous step in pulling Scotland on the path to becoming a tobacco-free generation.

For more information, visit the Healthier Scotland website.



World of Work Week

World of Work Week 2016 was a great success, thanks to all our wonderful pupils, parents, staff and volunteers. During the week, the pupils had the opportunity to meet 32 different visitors, from a diverse range of jobs. The pupils asked lots of questions, including what skills they need to succeed, the highlights and challenges of their jobs and what to expect during a “typical day” at work. We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone for helping us to develop the young workforce of the future!

The new team of teachers at Thornliebank Primary!

Some quotes about this year’s World of Work week:

“I learned that listening is important.” Adam, P2, after meeting Alan, the McDonald’s crew trainer.

“You have to be respectful to patients.” Abi, P2, about her visit from a pharmacist.

“You have to be flexible (stretchy) to be a gymnast.” Caoimhe, P3.

“You have to be good at concentrating to be a referee.” Hamish, P3

“To be a farmer, it is very hard work.” Kameron, P3.

“A football referee has to follow their own decisions.” Corey, P3.

“If you are a referee, you have to have a loud voice.” Zara A, P4.

“You need to follow rules to be a referee or a tennis coach.” Mark, P4.

“I thought a civil engineer was like an architect, but when he visited I realised it was different. He builds stuff like wind farms and transformers!” Arran, P4.

“You have to wake up early to be a baker in Sainsbury’s!” Manahil I, P5.

“Kris’s job (fire engineer) sounded really challenging.” Khalil, P5.

“You sometimes have to go undercover as a journalist!” Chris, P7

“You need to be happy at your job, not just with the money.” Shayan, P7

“You need a good imagination to be a scriptwriter.” Charlie, P7

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