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St John’s Summer Gardening Workshops

Week Beginning 2/7/18:

3/7/18 – YES Team (Jackie Moore & Josh Polson) will be at St. John’s P S from 09 00 – 16 00 to renovate the polytunnel structure; new polythene covering, interior bays). A workshop for all will be incorporated into the day from 10 00 – 12 00 to assist. Younger children will be supported to assist with maintenance of the planted area.

Week Beginning 9/7/18:

10/7/18 – YES Team (Jackie Moore & Josh Polson) will be at St John’s P S from 09 00 hours.  An interactive “Picnic Lunch” workshop for all will take place from 12 00 – 14 00.  Learn how to put together the wormery, give the worms your leftovers and let the kids run free in pursuit of the good, the bad and the ugly bugs!



Week Beginning 23/7/18:

23/7/18 – Yes Team (Jackie Moore & Tom Malone) will be at St. John’s P S from 09 00 hours to construct a compost bay from pallet cases. An interactive workshop for all will take place from 10 30 – 12 30. Herb & radish seed sowing for the children will be available. Adult residents are invited to come along throughout the day and assist!

27/7/18 – Yes Team (Jackie Moore & Tom Malone) will be at the St John’s to demonstrate how to make compost in the new compost bays! All hands on deck for this interactive workshop for All!  St John’s P S – 14:30 – 16: 00.

Week Beginning 30/7/18:

30/7/18 – YES Team (Jackie Moore & Tom Malone) We  be at St John’s from 14: 00 – 16:00 hours to present a variety workshop. All welcome.

Week Beginning 6/8/18:

6/8/18 – YES Team (Jackie Moore & Tom Malone) will be at St John’s from 14:00 – 16:00 hours for a “Bring Your Own Idea” Workshop. All welcome.

YES Family Cooking Workshops for the NDT “Get Local Project” will begin in the New Term. Look out for dates when we will be cooking up an autumnal storm in your area!!!


We need your help!

We have applied for funding to create an outdoor classroom that will feature a gathering area, mud kitchen, craft area and story circle. To receive the funding we need lots and lots of votes. It’s going to be a tough competition on the day, with lots of organisations and project all competing for a slice of the funding. The projects with the most votes, gets the cash!

Here’s what you can do.

Only adults can vote, so we need as many parents, carers, aunts, uncles, grannies and grandpas to drop-in at the event this Saturday, any time between 12:30pm and 2:30pm to cast your vote for our project. Feel free to spread the word to families and friends too! Full details and a look at our design are attached below.


A sneak Peek!

Josh from Young Enteprise created some digital drawings to bring our big idea to life…

Whole area view

Mud Kitchen

Gathering Area

Potting/Growing Area

Craft and Woodwork Area