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First and foremost, we hope you had a peaceful and enjoyable festive season and wish you all the very best for a happy and healthy 2017. Here is a quick update from the Parent Council on what you can expect in the months to come:

ERC have now adopted a new admissions policy based on the 2016 consultation. This is subject to one small change. For 2 years, if St Ninian’s (only) is over subscribed at s1, the (general) order of priority for admissions will be those with a baptism certificate; children with siblings; and those from cluster schools. After 2 years, the second and third of those will be swapped. ERC will also take a tougher stance on fraudulent registration of catchment addresses and are encouraging East Renfrewshire residents to report information if this will assist them in doing so.

Whilst we acknowledge the consultation caused distress and uncertainty for many, we are reassured as a Parent Council that our numbers will now be capped and there is a way to resolve over capacity issues. We must now therefore move on together and ensure our school community continues to welcome and cherish all families and faiths.

Next year’s p1 applications have now been lodged under the new system. Please let the process take its course. It will take ERC time (as it always does) to work through the paperwork to determine the position and we appreciate this may be an anxious time for some who are waiting.

We look forward to working with the PSA in organising a celebration of our many cultures and nationalities. This is likely to be in August and will show how food, art and music can bring together generations and cultures. We successfully applied for lottery funding to support this event so it should be a great day! If you are interested in helping, please contact us on Facebook or by email (see below).

We recently supported play specialists “Grounds for Learning” in a day of consultancy to start planning future playground development. GFL consultant Stephen met with parents, staff and pupils and was particularly bowled over by the pupils’ enthusiasm. We look forward to developing this project with the PSA / school and hope you will support our efforts over time. First stop will be the creation of an outdoor classroom / picnic area, supported by Whitelee Development Fund, who we successfully applied for funding from and playground painting to brighten things up / create interesting areas for the children.


Remaining meeting dates:
23rd March (note change from 16th March)
18th May
22nd Jun

The Head Teacher’s role was advertised in the summer / autumn but no appointment was made. The post will be advertised again in spring and we are of course hopeful the process will be successful this time. Whilst it’s disappointing there is no appointment yet, our Chair has been fully involved in the process to ensure parents’ views are reflected. We are confident ERC wants an exceptional candidate to lead the school and is doing all it can. Continually advertising the job without a break would not be helpful. In the meantime, we continue to support Mrs McGrotty in her position as acting Head Teacher and thank her and her team for their hard work on our behalf.



Parent Council November 2013 Newsletter

Dear Parent/Carer

October devotions and Rosary were very well attended throughout the month, organised by our staff Liturgy Group. Thanks to Mrs Baird, Mrs Collins and Miss Kane for leading the children during lunch times. We are now in the month of November offering our prayers as a school community for those whom we know who have died, entrusting them to God’s heavenly care. Continue reading Parent Council November 2013 Newsletter

Parent Council August 2013 Newsletter


 We hope both you and your children are settling in well to the new term. The Parent Council is already getting back to working on your behalf and we look forward to hearing from you over the year:

 Annual General Meeting – Thursday 19th September 7pm at school
Why not get involved?

You can only join the PC at the AGM each year so please come along then if you are interested.

 You can also attend meetings without joining at any time. Continue reading Parent Council August 2013 Newsletter

Parent Council April 2013 Newsletter


We are – again – having a busy year. As always, we welcome your input. Contact us by email on olm-parentcouncil@hotmail.com  or speak to Anne Forsyth on 07952 251303, whether it’s for a quick question/comment, an item you want us to discuss at a meeting or feedback on an issue affecting the school.

 We will get in touch shortly to let you know what else we have been doing on your behalf but before that, wanted to update you on integration with the Robslee campus at the beginning of the 2014/15 school year. Continue reading Parent Council April 2013 Newsletter