World Book Day Activities To Do At Home

Please find below some World Book Day activities to do at home.  These are just suggestions and there is no obligation to complete them.  World Book Day will be rescheduled for a later date.

Reading Bingo P1 3
Reading Bingo P4 7

All stages
Design a poster/ bookmark/ leaflet to advertise your favourite book.
Create a comic strip of your favourite story.
Design your own quiz for your favourite book(s) to quiz a friend.

Pupils can respond to the video by creating their own comic strip in the same style as the illustrator in the video. They can use their pictures they have drawn during the video as a guide.

P3 World Book Day Activities
P4&5 World Book Day Activities
P6&7 World Book Day Activities

P3-7 – ‘Bumper Book Quiz’

P5-7 World Book Day QR Quiz

P6&7- Listen to an interview from a famous author (Michael Morpurgo or Jacqueline Wilson) and create a poster all about the author.  Pupils only have to watch first 15 minutes.