Drop-Off / Pick-Up at the School

The one-way stystem in the school carpark has been working well for staff and visitor parking. The drop-off in the area right in front of the building works fairly well in the morning when parents enter, drop-off and then leave immediately. We are aware that it is more congested at the end of the day when cars arrive and have to wait for pupils to come out.

We have also had concerns raised by residents in the streets across from the school about the number of cars waiting there to pick-up pupils.

The far end of our carpark is rarely used and actually has a second one-way loop, immediately on your left as you enter the front gate. I would suggest that parents use this as a pick-up/drop-off area, particularly at the end of the day.  Pupils can access the path through the park directly there and parents would be able to wait in the parking spaces and then depart from the school grounds without getting caught up in the congestion at the school side of the carpark, or the housing area across the street, which will also benefit our neighbours – this could be a win-win situation for everyone!

See the map attached

Additional Drop-Off, Pick-Up area