School Assembly Information

Parental Involvement/ School Assemblies

As a staff we have looked at how we can give parents more information about your child’s learning.  We have decided to offer opportunities for parents to come into school and see some of the work your child has been involved in.  One way is to join a stage assembly where your child’s class has the ‘Spotlight on Learning’ slot.  At this time the class will give a short input to the assembly on an aspect of learning they have been doing in class- this section will be approximately 10 minutes.  It will also allow you an opportunity to see what we do at our weekly stage assemblies.

Date 9am-9:45am 9:45am-10:30am
20th March   P7- Room15
27th March P3- Room 3 P7a- Room 14
24th April P3a- Room 5 P6- Room 13
15th May P2a- Room 2 P6a- Room 19
22nd May P2- Room 1 P6b- Room 20
12th June P1- Room 10 P5a- Room 17
19th June P1a- Room 4 P4- Room 7
26th June P1b- Room 9 P4a- Room 6