No more bottles in School!


ECO committee meeting 9th February 2018

  • Sorted out bins by separating the plastic bottles and paper.
  • Went outside to see the bins and how they are used by the janitor
  • Watched a high impact video about why we should recycle.
  • Decided to start a campaign about reusing plastic bottles and not selling bottled water in the canteen.
  • Created posters to display around the school

Check out the video we watched here.


Please take a reusable plastic bottle to school. Stop buying water in the canteen.

By Alice and Zain – Eco Warriors

This weeks news 17th November

  • Christmas Cards – The online shop opens on 23rd November and will remain open until midnight on 30th November.
  • The estimated date for dispatch of the cards to the school is 6th December.
  • Monday 20th November UNICEF Day for Change. Their challenge this year is to help malnourished children to grow up healthy and strong. The challenge is simple: Change something about your school day and collect as much change and cash as possible – helping to keep children safe from hunger. Every pound raised will be matched by The Power of Nutrition, a charitable foundation, so fundraising goes even further for children. We are looking for any loose change that pupils can bring in on Monday. Your help with this challenge would be greatly appreciated.
  • Our school library is looking fantastic! A huge thank you for all the books that have been handed in. We are still looking for donations of fiction titles. If you are having a clear out and have any books you no longer want please hand them into the school office. We would be delighted to have them! Thank you.